• before running: AW YEAH LET'S DO THIS
  • during running: i hate my life i hate my life my legs hurt and i can't breathe and i have 2 miles to go and this song sucks
wow and here i was trying to show you how much I LOVE YOU. you should just come join me in nh


(you should all follow her, btw guys. she’s basically all teen wolf, merlin, supernatural and a lot of books)

Sorry you’re getting hate. We don’t talk very much at all, but I love your blog, been a follower for awhile. Hope you don’t delete, but do what’s best for you. Best wishes!

Thank you so very much <3 I haven’t been getting hate though, not exactly. Tumblr just isn’t as nice of a place as it used to be for me.  I wish we had gotten to know each other more, though! I really don’t think I have the heart to delete this blog as it has so much on it - I just don’t see myself coming on it for a long while. Who knows though; probably the start of teen wolf S4 or Bones S10 or just boredom will bring me back on it eventually.

One thing you can say about Angel: at least he’s consistent.

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Do whatever’s best for your mental/emotional health/etc. Can I get your Skype? (Eventually I will get a computer that can skype.)

messaged and I hope to hear from you soon <3


ok so imma come out and say this real short and quick

if u like the way someone writes tell them or if you like the way someone looks, talks, tell. them. b.c i can assure you no matter what number of followers they have they will always be astounded that someone actually likes something they do and its nice to get a little appreciation once in a while.

It’d be sad to see you go because I do love the content that you post and reblog but we do still speak on skype and whatnot and I totally and absolutely understand your decision to leave. *hugs* I’m sorry the place has become so bleh :(

<3333 ily sam. yes message me on skype or even text me! You have my number (even though I lost yours when I lost all my contacts, blah). But yes, I love talking to youuu and would definitely miss you too much to stop talking to ya. 



its sad to see you go jade. i will like to keep in touch :) will miss you xox

let me know what’s the easiest way to contact you! my life would be incomplete without an aussie bonehead to talk to.